New Baby Time?

So we went to our doctor’s appointment yesterday and had another ultrasound to check baby’s measurments. Apparently she isn’t as huge as we thought, but still measured in at about 7 pounds, so we’ll see. She might be our biggest baby so far. Our doctor also was able to schedule our induction, so woohooo if nothing changes in the next week or so we will be going in on the 12th for baby baby. I am excited and completly not ready. haha.

After the Doctor appointment we decided to do some Christmas shopping which started with a stop at Wendy’s for dinner. umm hello slowest service ever! and I mistakenly thought that eating chili would be a good way to warm me up, mostly it just made the baby mad and made me want to fall over. Christmas shopping was uneventful, but we did get a few things that we needed. I think I am more excited to get the Christmas outfits and a few other clothing items, but we will go to SweetPea for those.

So things to do before our little Ella arrives
-get Coops toddler bed from Mom’s house
-paint the bed
-pull the bassinet out and get it all cleaned up
-fold and put away all baby clothes
-figure out how we are fitting another bed in Coops room
-Make Neighbor gifts
-Finish Christmas Cards
-Refrain from being a mean mom

ok I wish I had a new random Aleksia quote, but I don’t, so we will just pull out the classic
“get your girlfriend out of my face!” (said to Coopy and his sippy cup)

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Little Prince?

Ok so I was just sitting around working on a friend’s postcard for her store when my little angelic boy walks up to me, chicken in hand, and says to me “beautiful girl, kiss”. Awwww he totally made my heart melt. He called his mama a beautiful girl.

So of course I keep asking him to say it over and over again. haha I am such a nerd. He then told me he is the prince and I am the princess. So cute, and he gets a funny little shy grin on his cute little mug. I love that boy.

Of course not even two minutes later he totally bit my arm and left teeth marks. So much for angelic.

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