Quotes of the Anklebiters

Last night as we were eating dinner (in an all mixed up jumbly seating order I might add) Coop started rambling craziness. One of the funniest was his tale of his brain, and it walking away, and then it walking away looking at him. I don’t know where this boy comes up with such things. It seems like five minutes ago he wasn’t even saying words. Oh and quite the gem, today he said “bullcrap” what the heck? where does that come from?

On another note Aleksia was the victim of child abuse today, I MADE her try some spinach and cheese ravioli, after dry heaving she ran into her bedroom and threatened to start tearing up baby pictures of herself (I don’t know how the two are related) She is just that much of a diva. I love that girl, because five minutes later she was fine and giving hugs. I don’t know if I will be able to handle the emotional unbalance of this girl!

So if anyone has any great solutions for us regarding this next little quandry, I might be willing to offer a cash reward. So this is the deal, our little angel Coopy thinks that waking up in the wee (and I do mean wee) hours of the morning is kosher, which for anyone that knows this Harris clan, knows that we will have nothing to do with the wee hours of the morning. In fact one of us (I won’t name names) may or may not have been known to say a little swear in the general direction of early hours. So anywho Cooper thinks that raiding the pantry and shoving DVDs into slots is much funner before the sun rises. I think he throws his own private rave each and every morning, to prove this…one morning we woke up and I noticed that he had spread the entire box of granola bars all over the family room floor. I said, “Cooper what is this big mess” he spread his arms wide and with a happy grin on his face he said “It’s a party”. How can you argue with that?

I don’t really know the solution to this little problem…aside from tieing him to his bed (which has been suggested, and I might soon heed that council) So if anyone knows how to fix this, do tell.

Ok Ella is needing me at the moment so I better skidoo…….will post more soon. tootles

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Poop and Spinach Pizza

Ok so since there is no way I am going to be able to catch you all up on the last little while, I refuse to even try. So I am starting new, as of now. And as an added bonus, I have decided that my blog would be a good place (among other places) to actually record where I have seen the Lord’s hand in my life each day. So look forward to that one for sure.
I think that I am only allowed to work really hard one day of the week. and I have already done that this week so its nothin’ but bare minimum from me for a while. I tackled some crazy dirtyness in our homestead and was able to organize and dejunk the Coop’s room (ok well half way) and now I have lost the desire to move on into Aleksia’s room.

Ok so this isn’t currently what Aleksia room looks like, and I wish I could say that this is more the exception rather than the rule, but yeah we are just this dirty. (ok well Aleksia is) Bleh, wouldn’t it be heavenly if the cleaning that you work so hard completing only had to be done once… ever… and then you were done.

Ok next…..I want some sushi, really great sushi, and if that meant going on a date with my hubby that would be the icing on the cake.

continuing on….Ella squirted poop on me today, not like she pooped and it just like got on my hand as I was wiping or something ….no..squirted….as in splattered all over my shirt and a little on my neck. Yeah it was gross, but baby poop isn’t really disgusting right? I mean it is just breast milk making appearance #2 right? tell me I’m right.

and on again…….Rob found this amazing frozen pizza at the grocery store (yeah the grocery store, where else would you buy frozen pizza, I don’t know why I specified) It’s spinach pizza and its divine… Its Frechetta or something…check it out if you can find it. yuuummm its my favorite frozen pizza ever and since it has spinach on it, its totally healthy.

Ok and as far as seeing the Lord’s hand in my life today. Well there is this amazing friend in my ward and her son goes to school with the Doodle and she insists on picking up and dropping Aleksia off. I love her for it and I would say that the Lord has sent her here just for me. haha not really, but I really do love her and her family, they are amazing.

And random Aleksia quote “well sometimes I get grumpy and I am perfect”

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