Some peoples children

So yesterday was quite an eventful day. It was my Coopy’s 3rd birthday. We had such a fun party, but that story comes later, full of photos for all to enjoy.
This story is a little one I like to call “Aleksia speaks her mind”
So we head to Rainbow around 3pm yesterday and opted for the Sandy Wal-Mart versus the Tooele Wal-Mart. They are so very different after all. We arrive at said Wal-Mart on the sunny beautiful day that was Monday afternoon. And I unload my little ducklings.

Immediately Aleksia acts as though she has never seen the light of day before and everything is a new experience for her. She notices a wal-mart employee headed for her car and of course Aleksia needs to comment about it “Wow Mama that car looks really broken, I definitely do not want that car….ever” ok ok Aleksia but let’s speak a little quieter “why mama?…Ohhh Mama look at the cool stroller that man has, it just folds right up, we need one that folds up, I really want one that folds up” She says with her rather loud voice as we pass the man folding up his stroller. He smirks a little, maybe he feels a little happy that he wasn’t verbally attacked by my angelic five year old.

We keep going, get into the store and make it to the tablecloth aisle and I am not finding what I need, but Aleksia is amazed with the array of hand towels available on that isle. “Mama is this one the girl and is this one the boy?” I notice she is looking at a hand towel with two roosters, one slightly smaller than the other. No I say, they are both roosters, roosters are always boys. “But one is smaller” well roosters come in all sizes “but mama one is smaller it should be the girl” no sweetie, they are both boys. “Well why would anyone want roosters in their kitchen, they should not want two boy roosters in their kitchen” ok Love, let’s go over here now.
(As we pass an older lady)”Mama I need to go potty, I tried at home but I couldn’t get the potty to come out, even when I jiggled a little”
Ok sis lets go potty.

Aleksia goes potty and we truck it on over to the party supply aisle. “Mama look how tall that girl is in her shoes” yeah sweetie she is tall. “Yeah mama she is really tall, she is a girl right?” yes love she is a girl “well she is really tall, she might be a boy because she is so tall” ok Aleksia please use your inside voice.

Now on the party supply aisle, I am thinking we should be done by now. “Mama look at these” wow Aleksia those are really cool, can we please just look with our eyes and not with our hands “ok Mama……(picking up another item off the shelf) Look at this mama” yeah Aleksia awesome, put it back and no more touching. “ok mama…..Oh hey mama look how cool this is” Hey Aleksia stop touching everything. “ok mama”
Time to check out, and of course we wait and wait because Wal-Mart is so thoughtful and always hires the speediest of checkers.
Mama’s worst nightmare, a five year old and brightly colored packages of candy. “Hey Mama these are awesome, look at those” yup “oh mama, look at this, these are pretty cool” yeah that is cool “Hey Mama, can I get some of these?” no Aleksia, I am buying you and Coop crackers “ok…hey mama can we buy some of these ones?” no Aleksia I am buying crackers.
“Hey mama why did someone leave this here?” I don’t know, maybe they didn’t want it “oh whats this” It’s a drink “what kind of drink?” it’s a coffee drink “oh we don’t drink coffee” no Aleksia we don’t. “COOPER DON’T TOUCH IT, ITS A COFFEE DRINK, WE DON’T DRINK COFFEE, STOP IT, DON’T LOOK, WE DON’T DRINK IT, MAMA COOPER IS LOOKING AT THE COFFEE DRINK” ok Aleksia its ok, please just use a smaller voice.
Finally out of the checkout line and headed to the car. We are fortunate to follow behind an elderly gentleman “mama let’s go faster” We can’t sweetie; we need to wait our turn. “mama do all old people have to walk really slow?” No Aleksia, not always.

I pile my little ducklings into the car as Aleksia informs me that next time we should just park in the old people parking spot because its closer and her feet are tired from walking so much.

Hmmm…..I wonder if her mouth is tired

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Eye Boogers and Goobery Toddlers

So Ella has her first cold. It’s making her a little grumpy, but angel grumpy is much more tolerable than say, rhino grumpy. She has been good, a bit sad, but good. She is amazing.

Aleksia is crazy as always and is currently playing dress up with this cutest little stuffy doll. check it out http://www.jennybharris.com/activities/hallow/bee.htm
I am afraid my little one is just growing up to dang quickly! Check out her sweetness.

My Coop needs to go potty on the big boy toilet. I wonder why he hasn’t figured this out yet? ohhh wait no one has taught him. Ahhh the joys of motherhood. Can I just say that I HATE HATE HATE the potty training deal. but I know that it has to be done…..bleh if I am failing at anything, it’s this fo sho!

I blogged about Ella’s blessing, but for some reason it all went down the crapper. And because I have the lazy factor, I’m not doing it again. But it was a good day, and super snowy and she looked beautiful.

I love our ward can I just tell you that I am so amazed that we happened upon this house at the time we did. Its home for sure and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. I had lunch last week with my super awesome friends and it was seriously the highlight of my whole week. I love where I am right now.

I am even feeling happier as a mom. There was a little while there that I was seriously wondering what the crap I was doing to these children that had been sent to me, I felt at a complete loss as to what it took to be a good mom. But now that Ella is here I feel like there has been an amazing spirit in our home. That and I’m not pregnant and not feeling so completly exhausted all the time.

Now if I could just be a better wife I could have the whole package right? ahhh My hubby is so patient and kind, I just love that man.

So Coop’s third birthday is coming up. Woohoo for birthdays, I am going to attempt covering his cake with fondant.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I have faith that it will turn out beautifully. haha I am so full of myself. I will post pics soon of the fun times.

I will leave you with this last little tidbit of wisdom from our Coopy.
“mama, if fall off the couch, will bonk woys noggin” true son, so true.

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