Updates and Lazy Days

Alrighty so Coop’s birthday was what? a month ago now. Wow how awesome am I that I haven’t shown off any of the pics. So this will be a post jam packed with all sorts of b-day pics

other than that I had a little crafting itch a while ago, and silly me I actually thought spring was here. Apparently its not and we will just have snow for the rest of the year. Wooohooo- um I remember a time when I said that winter was my favorite time of year- NO MORE!

On to happier items- Terrie is coming to hang out with us for the scrapbook expo weekend- woot- We have much laughter in store, Stay tuned for pictures of that adventure.
I am going to make Terrie have an 80′s glamor shots photo shoot. Hot diggity.

Thanks to my Rob for allowing such craziness to happen in the homestead, when together Terrie and I basically turn into lamefaces that get the ugly laugh.

fun fun fun times here!

Coop saying of the day- Its a tie “I will eat woys face” OR “get away from me”

And I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for this one……next post is all Easter Pictures- wooohooo.

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