Some Days

Some days I feel like this

because this princess

thinks that sleeping isn’t fun, but crying nonstop is wonderful.

and this princess

thinks that this outfit is high fashion.

and this guy

refuses to just be mellow and stop terrorizing baby. And insists on eating as many jam sammiches as humanly possible. And feels the only proper way to do this is completly on his own….

and breakfast dishes need to be cleared

and the dishes I started an hour ago still haven’t been completed

and the clean laundry needs to be folded
(there’s more in the washer and dryer)

and the dirty laundry needs to be washed

and primary stuff needs to be done

and I’ll feel a little less insane because of this

And then I have five minutes of quiet and I remember that I am blessed beyond measure and some people wait their whole lives to have this

and this little man will only be this exact age once

and this little girl is too quickly turning in to a young lady

And then I feel silly for getting so angry about insignificant things and I feel so ungrateful for not loving the little things. My life is amazing and in my teenage years if I ever would have been told that this would be my life in a few short years I never would have believed it.
I am so so blessed and I love my little family and I am so thankful that my hubby works so hard to provide for our family so that I get to stay home and have crazy little meltdowns with my angel babies.

So while Coop and Ella sleep and Aleksia tootles around the house I am off to get my house clean so that afterwards I can sit on the floor and play with my kidlets that I love so very very much.

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Its totally time for an update, but of what? hmmm…..I could go into details of how I haven’t cleaned the master bathroom for going on three weeks now, or perhaps how my curly Coop decided he was old enough to “trim” his own hair, all the way to his scalp, I just can’t decide. So lets talk about nonsense shall we?

If you go get Ella from her crib and she has been in there awake for a while she will grab your face and try to devour your whole person.

I have now discovered that if Coopy is having a mad fit, it helps to talk directly to his tummy, his tummy seems to be a bit more cooperative and informative. Its a fabulous new find and hopefully it continues working.

Aleksia offered to hold my hand on Sunday while we performed on stage (er in the kitchen) when I told her that I was just too scared to sing in front of the whole audience (sleeping Rob). It was awesome to watch her “ice skating” and singing at the same time. That girl has mad skills and I can’t wait to get her into dance class.
The other day in the car we were listening to High School Musical when Aleksia started complaining “mama, Cooper just keeps singing random words and not even saying the right lyrics” umm ok my five year old.
Ella does the stink bug. She is about five seconds away from full on crawling. She can totally get where ever she wants to, even if it takes her a little bit. So bring it on baby, I am loving how good she is at being a baby.
Volleyball at my mom’s house rocks, even if I don’t.
I like pretending to be a photographer, I can’t wait till I can actually take a photography class and learn how the crap to actually take amazing photos.
Rob and I are just days away from being married for 8 whole years. woot. I love my baby papa. He is amazing fo sho! And bonus, he cooks like nobody’s business.And he lets me kiss his face.
Its the year of vacas for the Harris clan. we’ll be Micky-ing it up come July and then sandcastle building at Bear Lake come August and hopefully getting grungy at many camping extravaganzas thrown in there.

Life is supa happy. And Rob and I worked our butts off to get our yard looking pretty, and it is. I love it, I really really do.

and the end.

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