It feels delicious…

So I love my family. Life feels sweet at the moment, I am playing with my babies more, I am leaving my house messier more, I am participating in life more, I am loving the crispness in the air and I love that I can sit on my grass in the backyard and watch the crazies discover new ways to slide down the slides.

I am also loving blog stalking much too much these days. Here are a few you simply must feast upon. This and this  and this. And while you are at it go ahead and fall in love with the Nielson family

Rob is my rock, my serious steadfast pillar when I feel unsure and unsettled. I love him.

 And he is funny and makes me laugh at all the very best times.

Aleksia is delightful as ever and I could just eat her up. she comes home with tidbits of kindergarten adventures, and entertains me with stories of recess and P.E. and lovliness.

Eveyday Cooper reminds me about five thousand times that I need to play with him in his room, even when I actually am playing with him in his room. He loves him some mama snuggle time, I love when he gives me that cute “I love you mama”

Ella loves mama, and I can’t even get enough of her. She is just a rolly bundle of love squish. She is amazing.

I feel an amazing sense of thankfulness lately… for what I have, for what I know I will have in the future and the direction my little eternal family is headed.

We are all healthy and I am so thankful to be. We are where we are supposed to be and life is as it should be. And I am utterly delighted to live this delicious life that is mine.



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A good Cause

Ok peeps (I say that, I am so 1997) anywhoodle, Rob has this client who is doing something pretty worth while. He is offering to jump out of a plane. Like a real plane. Just for the fun of it.

Oh wait, no not really… Well he really is jumping out of a plane, but for an actual reason.  He is raising money for families of fallen soldiers for a charity run by Mark Cuban. So this is the deal, for every dollar he raises he will jump one foot. His goal is $30, 000, thats a pretty huge jump. But more than that, thats a huge amount of help for families of fallen soldiers.

So do me just a little favor will you? Go to this site (admire the graphic design splendor provided by Rob) and donate what you can. Do it.

 Oh and by the way, start freaking commenting on my blog people, thats why I went to all the trouble to get this thing. That and my hubby told me to and I am uber obedient.



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