you don’t get a title…

my kiddles are sick………..

my house is a mess and smells like vomit………

I have enough dirty laundry waiting to be washed to fill three laundry couches…..

I feel like barfing around……….

can you please send the maid/nanny/doctor over? I could use a teeny break.

Lucky for me I have the greatest husband/maid/nanny/doctor ever made. His name is Rob and he loves us and takes REALLY good care of us.

I hope the pukes dissapear before thanksgiving.

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Could I get a cover?

ok so while driving home tonight from Disney on Ice (which was super fun) I heard a song on the radio that started with this amazingly sweet piano intro and I thought to myself “hmmm I might need to add this to the ipod” and then the lyrics started……… SERIOUSLY? Is it a boy or a girl singing and what type of animal do they have stuck in their vocal chords that is causing that horrible warble?  I think that I would have love for this song if someone else sang this. So if you have the singing ability why don’t you look up the lyrics online and sing this song for me. I am sure this could be a really great song. And it makes my heart a little sad that it currently sounds like a sad little kitten………….

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