Its just a little crush

I think that Rob knows my little crush on Jason Mraz is only because his way with scat  just makes him fun to listen to. and nothing more.  That being said I think everyone should have the same love. And so I give you this little bit of Christmas cheer thanks to awesome blogger Erika.


Cheers all!

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So you think you want tendinitis?

we have now decorated for Christmas…..which means the snow MUST arrive. I don’t think Cooper can stand the waiting any longer.
On Monday we awoke to dark skies and a white dusting of powdery christmasness and my Coopy could hardly contain his excitement, he just wants to make snowmen and snow angels and all things cold and wet and joyous.

And he feels strongly that we should bring to life the song that says “…There’ll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories Of Christmases long, long ago…” all through decorating he asked me to put fire on the green joy candle he found in the bottom of the christmas decoration box and sit and tell scary stories. Why? you ask. Well why not.

so we did. Aleksia started with her story which went something like this

“Once upon a time there was a big scary cave, and in that cave lived bats and a shark.”

“I just peed a little” Rob interjected, it WAS a really scary story

Aleksia Continued on about sharks and bats and all thing scary while her and brother roasted french fries stuck in their straws.  Oh yeah my kids know how to roll.


Sometimes Cooper shows us how truly crazy he is. The following are some samples of our daily life:

Aleksia- “Papa, today Cooper peed in the pantry”

Papa- “what? Cooper, why did you pee in the pantry”

Cooper- “because me was mad”


yes its that simple folks.

At dinner I warn Aleksia that in the morning she will be headed to get a shot. Cooper turns to her and says “Aleksia, remember, remember…. be brave”

Later that night Coop runs in fully clad in some super comfy jammas and announces his presence by saying “Look and me and my new style”


Life in our home is never dull. And when it is usually its because we’re sleeping. We’re funny funny people.


oh and I gave myself tendinitis by laptopping around incorrectly. my elbow hurts….like as in screwdriver in the elbow joint kinda hurt. I can’t straighten my arm and feel pretty gimpy and don’t really have time to baby my elbow. So today I drew a sloppy game board for primary, hung some garland around the door, worked on christmas presents (on the laptop, I can’t stop its addicting) and held my 25 pound butterball baby while she moped around because she can’t kick her sickness. And now I am paying for it tonight, and continue to pay as I type this. What can I say, I thrive on pain….oh wait no I don’t. I’m a wimp…………………..I think I’ll go take some ibuprofen.

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