pressure……….inner, inner city pressure….

Does everyone love how my titles rarely fit my blog posts? I do, oh I do.

So this is the deal, I have been in a bit of a blogging slump for a little minute because so many people (like millions) have told me that they like how funny my blog is. But the thing is, that causes an enormous amount of pressure…….”what if this post is too boring? what if so and so thinks I need to be medicated? what if whats his nugget thinks my grammar is horrific? ” all of these things go through my head as I am typing away about how Cooper likes to poo standing behind the shower curtain.  ack….its such a hard life pleasing the masses (who am I kidding like 4 people read this, if you are one of them, I sincerely thank you)

So I think I will have to put out of my mind who would be reading this and go about as if I were talking to myself, which I actually do quite well if I do say so myself. (which I do)

 This in no way means that I want you all to stop commenting on my blog, because how on earth would I know how many true friends I have unless you comment and tell me that you are my friend……..right? RIGHT?

All of this being said, I would like all of you to know that we cleaned our basement. (I know you were wondering when we would get around to it) Well Rob and his bro. Larry are going to play Bob the Builder and frame our basement and we had to make sure that there was enough room for the boys to work. So I sadly allowed Rob to break down my box collection. I have a little fear that for some reason we will need 102 different sized boxes in and emergency situation and now we won’t be truly prepared *sigh*  But not to fear I am sure I will be able to fit the essentials into my basket collection. I may be a bit of a hoarder, but you NEVER ever know when you might need 53 various sized and colored baskets, owning them are vital to my sanity. (I think its a sickness I inheirited from my mum. Thanks mom) I have also passed it along to my daughter, just a little bit.

A week or so ago we were cleaning out the Doodle’s room, something I can not even start unless I have a brand new garbage bag, and I was cruising along throwing things away willy nilly. When all of a sudden my darling daughter lets out a high pitched squeal. What the???……………

“MAMA, you can’t throw that away!!!”

“I can’t thow what away?”

“That baby bed you just put in the garbage bag”

*mama searching through the garbage bag for something resembling a baby bed*

“Aleksia, I don’t see a baby bed in here, there is only garbage”

*Aleksia pulling a largish yellow boxish like cardboard thing out of the bag*

“Mama, this is my baby’s bed and you can’t throw it away, I want to keep it!”

“Aleksia, you can’t keep that, its time to throw away the garbage and THIS (holding up afore mentioned yellow box thing) my dear is GARBAGE”

“but Mama, I want to keep it”

“Ok Aleksia, if you give up one of your barbies I will let you keep this”


*mama then realizes the stakes weren’t high enough*

“ok you can keep if if you give me 5 of your barbies”


*what th….*

“Aleksia that is rediculous, you are willing to give away FIVE of your barbies for one dumpy yellow box?”


“ok then, you can give me five of your barbies and your barbie house and you can keep your yellow box”


*at this point I realize this is not at all going the way it should for a mom with such superior parenting skills*

and Aleksia says, “Mama, what about we put it in the basement by the other boxes and I will use it when I play downstairs”


Well played my six year old, well played……..


and the box was thrown down the stairs.

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Things I have learned and re-learned while being in the Zona

My sister in law is crazy. and funny and crazy funny

The Mesa Temple was built in 1927

Elder Bednar is a remarkable speaker

It snowed in mesa in 1937 almost exactly ten years after the temple was built

There is a crazy guy that tears open magazines in the Barnes and Noble

Bath and Body works is having a pretty big sale right now.

Painting a platter and bringing back 1993 is fun

scrapbooking late at night sometimes produces ugly laugh

Walking a long distance in church shoes to hear an apostle teach is testimony building

Realizing that I want to pick up every baby I see because it might just make this home sick mama feel just a little closer to my babies.

I am the kind that can get homesick.

I sometimes take the gopel for granted.

The thrift store in Mesa smells just like every other thrift store I’ve ever been in.

I don’t like having a cold.

Terrie’s roommate is really funny.

My hands sweat when I am nervous or in a new situation.

My current shoes have a 5 minute comfort life. after that they are useless and I may as well just be wearing gravel on my feet.

Two adults can sleep in a full size bed and not touch the entire night.

I miss my husband terribly

Laughter is good therapy

Terrie wears house pants (as in specific pants when she is in the house)

Sunday feels different without a calling to worry about

Heavenly Father is mindful of us personally and can find ways for us to hear messages he would have us and us alone hear and grow from

The ability to share the gospel comes  after we are truly converted and only then

The Bachelor is not a good show to watch

Neither is Inner Beauty

Judging what someone’s singing voice will sound like by looking at them doesn’t really work.

Fig Newtons are delicious (I didn’t have to re-learn this, but they ARE yumma)

I don’t really enjoy flying

Terrie doesn’t like pedestrians

Musinex works pretty well.

According to Terrie “bargain” is an actual swear

Bumpits don’t actually work

Its extra warm in the desert

and the end.

I really did have an amazing chance to go to a stake conference where Elder Bednar was speaking and I want to write more about it. So thats coming soon. (Eventhough he told us not to blog about his talk as if it were the newest doctrine…..crazy mormons….we totally don’t do that…right?)

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