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When the internet breaks the world stands still and I feel completly disconnected from the rest of the world. How do people go days without checking e-mail? I don’t understand it.

Qwest says that it should be working, even when it isn’t…..don’t they know I have facebook to refresh every five minutes, blogs to stalk, emails to read, googling to do….. certainly these things are all necessary for everyday life. right?


Today instead of reading wikipedia I mopped my kitchen floor (I would include all the other cleaning, but I do that everyday regardless of a working internet or not) which has not been properly mopped since *gasp* last november. I know, don’t hate, just realize that I am much better at googling than I am at cleanliness.


And join the discussion on this one  its a great article about the increasing number of mormon bloggers out there. I love when CJane says we blog because we are a record keeping people, its true we are. But for me more than keeping record my wee little blog is a creative outlet for my brain meanderings. I like writing. And I like my kiddles. And I like writing about my kiddles.

I know some feel that blogging is the lazy way out of interacting with people, but I strongly disagree, I have found so many blogs of so many people from all walks of life, living their life the best they know how and I find it both an interesting and educational way to learn about others, to understand other points of view and more than anything see a common thread in all those lives that are so different from mine.

I love blogging, I am thankful for the power of the internet. I know that it can be used for good and not only for evil as some believe. Its a useful missionary tool, its a good way to find those that have been lost, it gives me something to do on days I don’t want to mop my floors.


tell me what you love most about blogging.

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We try to teach spirituality in our home.

Tonight’s family prayer goes like this:

{Mama}- ok Coop, you choose the first song

{Coop}- hmmm, the Jesus one with the humbeam

*and we sing “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” while Coop jumps around like a mad man*

{Mama}- ok Aleksia, what song do you choose?

{Aleksia}- well, I prefer to sing…..mmm…Follow the Prophet

*and we sing “Follow The Prophet, Noah verse- while the two bigs walk in circles telling each other they are prophets*

we then kneel for family prayer

and I call for Ella (or boo boo as Aleksia has been calling her lately) to come sit in the middle of the circle as is her usual spot until she is big enough to kneel and hold hands

She just stares at me, as if saying “I don’t feel like it”

{mama}-come on Ella, sit with us- and she wails as the Coop pries his bouncy ball out of her little patty, its a little meltdown-ish

I gently plop Ella Bella in the middle of the circle to her dismay, leaving her bottle and book on the outside *hmm kind of a mistake*

*all the while Aleksia and Coop poke and hit and harass one another repeatedly*

{papa}- come on guys lets have family prayer………….ok you’re going to be crazy just go to bed

{mama} (at the same time)- guys we can stay here ALLLLL night long if thats what it takes to get a reverent prayer- show me your reverent faces

and only papa complies with an extra reverent facial expression-either that or he was ready to cry

and Coop follows suit with a neutral facial expression that looks more like utter boredom than reverence

and Aleksia laughs in her funny, rolling her eyes up to the side kind of giggle that only a little girl could produce…….and she keeps laughing

{papa} thats it Aleksia, go sit on the porch

{mama} No Aleksia, don’t do that, papa is ridiculous don’t do that

papa glares a little in my direction

{mama} well Love, if that was a good form of dicipline I would have stood behind you, but that was just ridiculous

{Coop}-*refusing to hold Aleksia’s hand* ok ok I don’t mind if you go sit on the porch…….no I don’t mind, go to the porch (he actually said that word for word)

{mama} chuckling- we need to pray guys, its time to go to bed

{papa}- ok its my turn to pray

and he does and its a wonderfuly sweet, thoughtful prayer,  but the entire time all three of our angelic offspring were anything but reverent and eventhough I tried hard, by the amens I was giggling a wee bit.

{Ella}- blah blah blah blah——ahhhhhhh——-blah blah blah *scream Scream* kick cooper

{mama} thanks for the prayer papa

{aleksia} what? what did he say? what was in the prayer?

{papa} if you would have listened you would know

{aleksia} ohhhh ok

and she is off to something else while mama and papa look at one another completly confused at the insanity of our angels and then papa is straight-line kissing the kids (Coop invented it) and we divy out the babies and toddle off to bed time snuggles and story time.


We get points for trying right?

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