just because I can

because I wonder how many people actually read my little bloggity blog…….. I know I have like a million blog stalkers…..anywho I decided that my favorite blogs to look upon are the ones that are updated like everyday and since I want to be one of YOUR favorite bloggers I am working on updating more often.


today’s post



we’re having a baby in October.







and wouldn’t it be delicious to comment on how sometimes I capitalize words and sometimes i don’t.

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Coop says

The conversation went like this.

Aleksia- Mama how do you know there is a washcloth in the laundry basket

Mama- Because Mamas know EVERYTHING

Coop- No Mama you don’t

Aleksia- uh huh Mamas do know

Coop- No Mama you only have one brain

Mama- Well Coop you only have to have one brain to know everything

Coop- No Mama you only have one brain you can’t know.

Mama- How many brains do you have Coopy?

Coop- I have lots of brains, I know all the things

Mama- What kinds of things do you know that I don’t know?

Coop- mmm….bout dinosoars and bones………….

Mama- you know more about bones than mama?

Coop- … and bout the squishy stuff what keeps woys body together.

Aleksia- Oh yeah Coop, what size is a T-Rex head?

Coop- hmmm I say its a six

Aleksia- ha no, its a nine. You are wrong that means you don’t know.





my kids rock.

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