Tonight’s dinner…..

Rob made a yummy dinner consisting of breaded chicken breast, rice, edamame, and cherry lime rickeys to drink

It was delish, but the convo that went with it was just as delish.

And when we were almost done Rob told Coop if he was a good eater he got a little surprise.

So Coop ate the rest of his munchlings and started in on papa “Now me get a surprise?”


“Clear your plate first”

Some goofing off ensued

“Now me get my surprise?”

“clear your plate and wait for Aleksia to finish”

more goofing off, and a little booty shake dancin’


“Coop, I already told you,  clear your plate and wait for Aleksia to finish”

Looking a little bewildered Coop crinkles his eyebrows and asks “Thats my surprise?”

then laughter ensued.

Coop finally gets down to business and clears and scrapes his plate and instead of getting his leftover rice into the garbage he gets it on the kitchen floor. And because mama is kinda grumpy and has been cleaning the messiest bedrooms on earth for the last four hours, I grumble about quitting my job. Rob responds with “maybe you should get a better doooty”

Coop perks up and says “what? a pretty booty?”

what Coop? what world do you live in my child?

then jumps down from his chair and starts with his “funky dance” singing “wanna be funky dun dun dun, wanna be funky dun dun dun”

and Aleksia finishes her din din and the kiddles are given a sweet.



and the evening comes to a close.


in the words of Aleksia  “Mama we are the kind of family that is dorky, I like dorky”

so true my child so true.

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what is with…..

Jon and Kate plus 8…….. who the crap talks to their husbands like that? oh wait I know….nevermind

but this is the deal that I don’t understand, how can you as a wifey feel good about yourself as a person when you are treating your significant other as a naughty little puppy dog?


which is not to say I haven’t ever made snarky comments to the hubs in hopes of reaching perfection, but I can honestly say I have never humiliated him in public (on purpose) I am sure my loud mouth has caused more than one case of embarassment now and then. But I love him, I chose him, Wouldn’t I always want to display his best side to show everyone what a good choice I made? after all it is all about me right?

wow I kinda made Rob out to be a trophy wife…..I mean husband

But I really do love him and wouldn’t ever want him to feel as small as it seems Kate seems to thrive on.


not judging yo, just sayin………..

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