pregnancy and what nots

I told Rob today to start counting the days until mini Harris #4 comes and he guessed 72. I told him that was too long. I can’t wear any of my jeans anymore (first time this has happened with any pregnancy) He thought about it some more and said that he thought he was pretty close, and then he went to the calendar to count. He was exactly right.


SO my friends I now have 72 days to contenplate the appropriatness of wearing pajama pants out of the house. And whether or not I could get away with wearing them to church, and to the store, and to my doctor appointments.


Clothes aside, I feel lazy, not like “ohhh I’ll get to that in a minute” more like “its 11am I am now showered and dressed and Rob do you think it would be ok if I took a little nap” kind of lazy. I seriously feel so so tired, and its not because I am chasing after three kiddles. Lets be honest, Rob basically does it all. I am in bare minimum mode. I clean only as much as I need to to give the appearance of a well looked after home (but don’t look in the bedrooms or bathrooms). I only wash as much laundry as will fit on our laundry couch when pulled out of the dryer. I bargain with Rob almost everyday about doing dishes.


I remember not too long ago when I could actually clean our house and still have energy to move onto funner projects. I remember building castles with the kiddles, I remember having energy to make lunch for me and my children without having to sit down half way through.


I’m too old to be pregnant.


so to the delight of all of you, I will now list the things we need to get before squish head gets here

tall 5 drawer dresser

larger kitchen table with at least 6 chairs

our car from Cali (its taking a million)

2 finished bedrooms downstairs, complete with walls, flooring and paint

mini diapers

infant carseat (we have a cute girly one if anyone out there needs one)



some of these will be easier to obtain than others, but still a girl can wish right?


and that my dears ends a delightfully non-esscencial blog post  topped off with quotes from my genius littles


{Coop} “Well there goes ours president” (said when a black man walked into church while we were sitting in the foyer waiting to go into sacrament meeting)

 {Aleksia} “Don’t step on my puberty” (I have no idea why she said this, but it made us laugh)



and Ella devouring her fav meal~ PB n J

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Story Three……at long last

It was summer time and I felt a little smug being such a young world traveler, after all I HAD now stood in four states all at once.

Grandma and Grandpa invited me to tag along with them on their trip to Arizona, all by myself. This usually doesn’t happen, being from a family with six kids we always had to share our vaca with a sib. Not always my favorite, especially if I got stuck with one I hated…..haha only kidding, maybe. But this vacation I was living up my seniority.

On the ride down I hopped from bucket seat to back bench to making the van bed to moving back up to the bucket seats. It rocked and I thought I was awesome.

Soon after we arrived, well the next day I believe, we attended the graduation we were down there for and then we went adventuring. We visited the four corners where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet, it only cost a quarter to get in….although the gentleman taking and selling “admittance tickets” dissapeared mysteriously fast when the police officers arrived….dont’ know what that was all about. hmmm.

We went to a million different indian ruins, we hiked (my favorite for sure….) and we immersed ourselves in the culture by eating navajo tacos at the Holiday Inn restaurant. It was hot and dry but I wasn’t really getting sunburned so all was well.

One pretty summer morning we headed to another ruin site, we weaved around pine trees, rolled up and down hills, stopped at a campground to potty and talked with a french woman about speaking french, and watched the clouds rolling in….I felt completely removed from home and I loved it. We arrived at the site and laid out in front of us was an amazing piece of history, there were small doorways and tall walls, there were ceremonial rooms and storage rooms, large areas for gathering and small spaces made for only a few people. I was so drawn in by the thoughts of how these people must have lived and what their relationships with one another were like.

While grandma and pa walked around at their own pace I decided to take my own adventure. At this site the tops of the walls had all been cemented over so that visitors could walk along the tops and peer down inside the rooms that weren’t able to be seen from the outside. I scaled up one of the walls and started working my way around this huge structure. There weren’t many people there and it was easy to fall into my own world or exploring.

I had made my way almost entirely around when I noticed one room towards the back without any windows to the outside or any doors to the inside, “how interesting”, I thought. Why on earth would they build a room that they didn’t have any access to? It didn’t make sense to me. So I decided to jump down and investigate. Maybe I was the first one to ever notice this room, maybe there were undiscovered artifacts down there, maybe I would start my career as an archaelogist this very day.

It didn’t occur to me that the entire ceiling was open and so many hundreds of people had peered down into this very room, or that there REALLY wasn’t a way out of this room, or that as I jumped down into the room the walls were well above my head. I was only concerned with the adventure of it all.

Inside this little 10 foot by 4 foot room I was taken back hundreds of years in time to when women ground their maize while men hunted, children ran around in deer skin diapers and old women passed on their wisdom to uninterested granddaughters. It was magical….for about three minutes.

And then I realized I was trapped.

I looked up at the top of the wall well above the reach of my outstretched hand. I scanned the four walls looking for a doorway I had maybe missed before, I was desperately trying to come up with a way to escape, I didn’t know what to do.

I could yell for help, but I was on the farthest corner away from where everyone else was, including my grandparents. Maybe I could kick bricks out of the wall and make my own door, but for sure I would get in trouble for defiling a building that had been standing for so long.

There was nothing I could do, but figure this out for myself. I would have to climb my way out.

Now I am sure if you are reading this, you know me. Because if you didn’t why on earth would you be reading this otherwise, right? And if you know me, you know I am not athletically inclinded at all.

So the thought of climbing my way out of this little 10ft by 4ft prison wasn’t appealling, or even possible it seemed.

But I took in my surroundings, found the bricks in the wall that stuck out the farthest and started climbing. It wasn’t easy, the soles of my shoes wouldn’t grip the sandy bricks, my hands couldn’t find a good enough hold to hoist me up the wall….. I was going to have to go about this a different way.

I reassesed the situation and wanted to sit down and cry, I wondered if grandma and grandpa knew I was missing. I wondered if they watched me jump down in this hole. I wondered if they even remembered that I was with them.

I was going to get out. I HAD to.

I kicked my toe into a little space between bricks in the corner, pushed my hands against the other side and did my best to walk up the wall on one side with my feet and with my hands on the other side. It took what seemed like a million years. My hands were scratched and starting the bleed, my shorts were dirty, the pink logo on my sneakers rubbed off, and I thought for sure as I reached up and grabbed the top of the wall grandpa and grandma would run over to me, so relieved that they had finally found me and we would hug and I would vow to never jump into indian prisons again.


I reached to top of the wall, rolled myself all the way out of the room, stood up and looked around. I didn’t see anyone. Not anyone at all.


Did grandma and grandpa leave me? did they REALLY forget I was here with them? Suddenly I didn’t feel like such an adventurous explorer and I didn’t want to die in the Arizona heat, stranded without my grandparents. I was practically running along the tops of the walls until I could get to a place close enough to the ground to jump off and …………..

I saw grandpa’s white hair, just on the other side of a tall archway, casually standing there, hands in pockets, grandma’s camera case slung over his shoulder, waiting patiently for grandma to reach her photo quota.

I was so relieved. I was safe, they hadn’t forgotten me, they didn’t even notice I was gone.

I nonchalantly walked over to grandpa, hooked my arm in his and waited patiently for grandma to finish her picture taking.

The rest of the trip was good, and there were other things that happened, but I was much more reserved in my adventure taking. And I refrained from jumping into any more ruins.

I never said anything to grandma or grandpa about my adventures, and they didn’t ask. I really wonder if they even noticed I had been gone for hours and hours.


ok maybe it was only ten minutes.

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