Aleksia our little doodle

Ok Ok I know I said that Ella has THE crazy to end all crazy, but Aleksia can hold her own when she deems neccessary. Lately she has been feeling its neccessary. I love her. She is insane.


Here’s the story.

Its early, like too early for me to be awake (if you know me I am sure you can assume what time it actually was and if the rest of the world would actually call it early) and the phone rings, as in the ring that is a local number ring. Everyone has this feature on their phone right? its awesome, anywho, I let it ring because we all know the hubs is home and runs the house in the morning. Three rings. He still isn’t answering.  I pick my head up off my pillow to listen for his footsteps running for the phone now. Four rings. Still no answer. So I pull myself out of bed, realize Rob is in the shower and grab the phone. Its for Rob. The lady on the other end wants me to take a message. Really?? you want me to write something down at the crack of dawn? (ahem 9am)

I look around.

I find a pencil, but no paper. “do you want my number” she asks.

hmm sure your number, go into the bathroom (not the one Rob is showering in) try to write on toilet paper, pencil is too sharp it just rips it. crap.

there isn’t anything around and she is already on the last four digits….. double crap.

so I do as any proud homeowner would do.  I write it on the countertop.

yes I know. It wasn’t the best solution, I could have just walked to the kitchen and written on the pad that always sticks to the fridge. But I am really not my best in the morning. Ask Rob.


Fast Forward to Sunday.

The pencil phone number is still there (who are we kidding, its still there today) Aleksia goes into our bathroom to potty, sees the phone number message on the counter, decides she doesn’t like it-

And turns it into this~





not quite sure what the statement she was trying to make with the crossed out numbers, but we all now know she has been there.



Story Two Aleksia style.

We are at Rob’s mom’s house for dinner and most everyone has gone home, but us. We are still there chattin it up with the bro and sis in law and Mom in law. Aleksia comes up the stairs with a picture behind her back and proudly presents it to us and in her crazy accent says


I thought something had happened and she was upset about it….no

“I AM MAD, look I am saying, I AM MAD I have crossed out eyes and crossed out feet and hands and shirt (I think this means that crossed out everything means you are mad, good to know)

she continues to tell us that this person is screaming “Please don’t take South America!”

which you will see from the picture, is exactly what she’s saying.  {see below picture}





When I told her I was going to have to blog about that one, she added a little extra something on the left corner. You’ll notice it now says “Aleksia said”. She was a little worried though and asked

“Mama do you think they will understand what I was saying?”

I replied “Aleksia, does anyone really understand you?” just kidding of course.

she shakes her head slowly “not really”



its true, sometimes we really don’t understand her.





oooohhhhhhh I just remembered we were watching some videos on youtube and found one with her favorite Selena Gomez on Ellen Degeneres. We had been watching for a minute when they started talking about how Selena is from Texas when Aleksia exclaimed “WHAT, she is from Texas, she doesn’t look like she is from Texas”

Oh really Aleksia what does someone from Texas look like?

“They have big hats….and they speak with accidents”




yes my dear, they do. They really do.

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Ella Bella….or sometimes Mimi

No one really believes me when I tell them that of our three children, Ella is by far the craziest. Its true. It really is.

I know Coop likes to throw early morning parties and keep sugar bowls and jam under the couch and Aleksia likes to speak with an accent and say insane things, but really Ella is the winner of the crazy award.

these are just a few of the things that make us laugh so hard.

~when Ella is going to bed or saying bye, regardless of who she is talking to she says “night night mimi, or bye bye mimi”

~when its time to find something she has lost she walks around with her arms up saying “shoes…..are you? OR baba….are you?”

~Ella is a bit of a show off and to make sure we are seeing her tricks she asks “do dat?” as in “did you see me do that?”

~When someone is doing something she would like to be involved in she tells us “do dat me!”

~The other day she was telling me “do dat?” as she ran around so fast. So I kept telling her to do it over and over again. Then Rob said “Ella, runs so fast” she looked at him, lifted her arms up and said “why?” and then got up and walked out of the room as slow as she could, glancing at Rob out of the corner of her eye.

~If brother or sister get an owie and they are crying Ella needs it to be known that she has a bigger problem, so she will push them out of the way fake crying “owie….toe…..hurt!”

~Ella likes jumping. she squats down so her bum is almost touching the floor and yells “boing” as she springs up.

~A few nights ago Ella was in a big jammie shirt and was playing with her diaper. I asked her if she was pooping, she looked at me with a confused look and said “Don’t know” and kept messing with her diaper. I lifted up her shirt and saw that her diaper had come all undone and was half falling off. She knew something was wrong, but she didn’t have the words…..so she just says “don’t know”

~Everytime she falls asleep in the car we know when she’s awake because we hear from the back seat “MAMA……look” and Ella is pointing at nothing and everything.

~Sometimes she points to her mouth and says “birds”

~Sometimes she points to my head and says “birds”

~Sometimes she points at Cooper sleeping and says “baby”

~Sometimes she sees animals on TV and says “puppy”

~She sings this from Phineas and Ferb “Fossils….dun dun dun”

~The first time we ever let her have Sprite she drank it, opened her mouth a little, pointed at her tongue and yelled “MAMA….look”

~Every animal says “mooooo”

~Sometimes she will turn on the TV, lay down on her back and stretch her arms behind her head and start fake laughing.

~She pulls faces on demand

~Sometimes she makes antlers with her hands, puts them on her head and makes a squinch face. I have no idea why

~She likes spinning in Rob’s office chair and will yell “pin-a” until we spin her

~she copies anything we sing.

~The other night at dinner she wanted a drink and kept yelling “wa-er…….wa-er…….”and then put on a super sad face, sat down and said in her saddest voice  “thirsty”

~sometimes she speaks with a german accent ~bachhh= back, bugchhhh=bug, basically anything ending in “k”


There will be more to come……you just digest those for a while and try to get her to perform for you sometimes.

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