We went to play

I love pictures…..and I love my kiddles……and I love pictures of my kiddles.


so here we go.


Coop’s hair is out of control right now


The glowing ears are a nice feature


sommersaulting down the hill





Rob is kind of a big deal



apparently she isn’t too cool for school


Doodle wanted so badly to be able to do the monkey bars…….but she’s  a wee bit unadventerous



Coop loves his swing time


Shoe troubles



These are my babies all ready for church, and this is the photo that has a horribly busy background because I was too lazy to get off the couch and that is Rob in the background thinking he is funny

And this is Ella when I tell her to make her cute face.



and this is the end of my photo post






AAANNNNNDDDDD we have only 2 days till we party at the hospital! woo hoo

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Look what I can do

So I kinda started loving carseat covers when Ella was a wee little one, but I never forked over the dollars to actually buy one for her seat. So when I found this cute blog with a tutorial on making a carseat cover I realized even with my teensy amount of sewing skills I could pull this one off.


So I did it. and I basically love how it turned out. I have material to make one for a present so I will post pics of that one when its done. In the mean time just you take a gander at what I did this afternoon….


The underside material is the same that I used for the attachment strappy thingers (brown stripes) and the monster rocks my socks.


do you have love?

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