Fall down…..fall away……fall time?

 I love fall time. For some reason the fall has always felt like a time for new beginings. but Because of our new little bebe I haven’t put much (or any) effort into decorating for the crispy weather season.

But today we did head over to grandma’s to paint pumpkins and make sugar cookies. It was delightful and the kiddles had so much fun.

These are the pics to prove it.   


(Suzanne and I didn’t want our pics taken….)



and yay tommorow is Halloween, I’ll have pics of that soon.



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Your Mom

Just another random post about nothing in particular……..

and some pictures

First off, I don’t know why Rob is standing like this, but its fancy.


Aleksia doodle turned 7…..wow I’m the mom of a seven year old? holy cow

There’s nothing as sweet as a little sibling love….



And Rob looking super cute and a little groggy….and one little Ollie squish


Ella just loves having her picture taken….always (don’t mind the flash…it was dark that morning)



And just because my Ella is a beauty and she lets me froof her hair I like to take pictures of her….but she doesn’t love looking AT the camera….so thats awesome.


 and the end.

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