It’s begining to look a lot like Newness

So the Hubs took a bit of time away from his crazy busy work schedule and made my blog new. I love it.


Tell me how much you love it!


and when I drew my little kiddles my Ollie squish was just a wee little squish that loved sleeping all the time. And now three months later I was a bit worried that his little picture would be outdated too quickly to even put up on the blog…….but at 3 months our superman Oliver is still a champion sleeper and loves to be cuddled tight. So yay it all works so amazingly.


Hope everyone is having a fun Christmas Season. I am almost done sewing, crafting, primary binder making, and christmas gift making……..of course I haven’t even started wrapping, but we’re closer to done……………………..


I love Christmas.

Hugs to all, and I’ll post all sorts of Christmas pics next week.

I’m out


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