Things are jolly good…….

sometimes at our house we speak with a brittish accent.

yeah…..it’s fancy. We think we’re pretty spectacular. It even sometimes slips out when I am helping in Aleksia’s class and the doodle’s classmates look at us a little sideways.


so….. we have been doing stuff here. I like it. It makes January a little less January-like.

{awesome thing #1}

We had an awesome trip to the emergency room…..I think a guy in the next room kept coding……….so yeah the ER doc was pretty busy and we just kinda sat there with a bleeding Ella patty.

 {so the story goes like this}

    Ella was drinking from a glass in the kitchen~ Coop thought he would tease her a little bit and ran by her and knocked her shoulder~ which then made her drop the glass ~ which then broke into a thousand million pieces~ and that my friends is how fairies are born~

I mean…..Ella was  thrown off balance and headed for the floor~ She put her hands down to catch herself of course and thats when her hand and a large glass shard became one for a brief instance ~ not such a pretty site~


7 or 8 stiches later our crazy girl is back to normal~ she doesn’t pay much attention to her broken little patty and we’re thankful things weren’t worse than they were.



{mind you this is at re-bandage time, we’re not so negligent that we let our two year old glass shard victim run around with a naked owie hand….just so you know}

{awesome thing no.2}

Rob’s sis Carlene and 2 kiddles Carmen and Howie {from Cali} stayed the night at our place and we partied it up in true “we have six children under 8″ kind of fashion. Meaning we did nothing but hang out and enjoy eachother’s company. It makes me miss that awesome Martin crew so much. But yay for California vacations and family that lets us crash at their homestead.



DSC_0025 DSC_0026  DSC_0028 DSC_0029 DSC_0031 DSC_0037

{awesome thing Number C}

We had our first Gourmet Food Group night~ thanks Tiff and Rachel~ It was a night filled with delicious food, super cute decor, and delightful conversation. Check out our fabulousness here at the BonVivant site.

{awesomness infinity}

I remade my topiary.


I know everyone has been wanting to know how the whole Topiary tragedy of 2010 panned out. Well, don’t worry folks I now have a perfectly lovely set of moss covered topiaries just hanging out cute as can be. And they are deliciously black and white so they will live in this spot long after my Valentine decor has been laid to rest.  My soul is happy.



{awesome times no. 5}

I have nothing else to add to this ~ but this~ did you know that you can be minding your own business just reading a night time story to your two little princess faces and when you least expect it a profound answer to your pleading prayers will abruptly appear before your eyes?

 God is good.

 He is mindful of all of his children. He knows us and our inner most desires. And He LOVES us. Each of us.


And for that I am thankful.
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It’s been a while……….

So the Hubs has skills. He’s been showcasing them over at his little corner of the internet universe.

So maybe I got a little jealous that he’s been stretching his artistic muscles.


and I have ummmmm……….been……….well, not doing so much but blog stalking.

Tonight I decided I would try to hack it as an artist once again. Its been so so very long since I have sketched anything but castles for Coop and babies for Ella…….little silly line drawings………….easy peasy.


I love sketching,  its magical starting with lines and slowly adding contour and shading and see your vision come to life.  It has just been something that I haven’t had a chance to use in my every day life.  Of course I get my craftiness on pretty often, and that is a good release but a good sketch session is oh so delicious.


so…….wana see what I drew tonight?




It was a nice little artistic workout this evening and I think I need to keep it up. yay I have nothing else to say.


other than………….. The Biggest Loser this season is bugging me so much…………..blech……….green team mom and daughter?? mean mom always talking for her daughter and not really letting her be normal……….and drama drama drama.


annnnddddddd what should we craft next?  any ideas?

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