That’s Right!…..A Decade I Said!

It seems as though we are now the proud parents of a decade year old. As Aleksia likes to exclaim at all times.


It should get all mooshy up in here now as I reminisce about all that I remember about the birth of my little ginger. BUT, I don’t feel like it. So instead, I think I will just make a list of all the awesome things she does now that reminds me everyday that we are truly blessed to call this girl our own.


Aleksia is wicked smart.

She loves reading.

She is good at leading groups.

She can also be the shyest girl you ever have met.

She is a ballerina, a beautiful dancer.

She writes stories with the language and vocabulary of someone much older.

She is faithful.

She is funny, witty even.

She still likes snuggles.

She is very similar to her papa, in mannerisms and likes and dislikes.

Speaking of likes, she would eat sushi everyday if we let her.

I mentioned before that she is super smart, remember. Well, she IS, but she can also be really ditzy. Her papa and I find it endearing.

She loves to be outside, playing.

She sometimes talks with a funny voice and doesn’t realize she is doing it.

She hates that we make her play piano, oh but one day she will thank us for it (I just know it!)

She likes making clubs

She loves being in charge.

She likes baking.

She likes volleyball.

Every time it is her primary class’ turn for opening exercises she scoops up the talk every time. She loves writing talks.

She loves clothes.

She is very artistic.

She tells funny stories.

She loves her friends.

She loves school. As in, when its summer break or long weekends she can’t wait to get back to school.

She is just so so funny. Oh how she makes us laugh.

She is a really good helper.

She is awesome in every way.


And this mama is already seeing that my wee little girly is turning into a young lady. It makes me a little heart sick for her toddler years, but I truly am loving the person she is becoming, grumpy fits and all. She has amazing plans for her future and I am so excited to see how her future shapes up and to be along for the ride.


She is awesome times a million and I love her!



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